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Who are we
Chess Girls DC is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization that uses girl centered concepts to introduce young ladies to the intellectual sport of Chess. Players of all levels are welcome. We create a fun engaging environment to encourage girls who currently play to continue.

Our Program

Register for Summer Chess Lab Today ! July 8 until August 12, 2017
Chess Girls DC provides Chess education for girls. The program provides instruction at the most basic level for girls who have no background in Chess at all. For girls who currently play chess this is an opportunity to advance their skills by the study of tactics and practice of Chess and chess notation. Chess Girls DC provides an opportunity for girls to be tutored in Chess during the weekend in addition to, not replacing their current school or library program. It is essential that students practice the game as often as possible. The young ladies have an opportunity to share experiences that are unique to girls in their classes and the Chess world.

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It has been said that Chess is the great equalizer.

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 Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men,

the balance-wheel of the social machinery. -Horace Mann-


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