Lesson 4


Castling is a move that helps to protect the King.

How do you castle ?

  • You need a King and a Rook on their starting position.
  • There are no pieces in between the Rook and the King.
  1. The first thing you do is move the King two squares to the right. (This is the only time the King can move two squares in a single move.)
  2. The Rook jumps over the King and lands next to it.

Usually the Pawns around the Castle have not moved. The King is well protected by his Rook and his pawns.

Castling may be done on either the King side or the Queen side.

You may not castle if:

  • The King has been moved.
  • The Rook has been moved
  • If you are in check
  • If it puts you in check
  • Queens may not be castled.

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