Overview of Programs

Chess provides a tool to confidently resolve challenges.  Girls benefit from learning and competing in chess because it teaches girls how to resolve situations in a tactical and strategic manner. Moreover, chess provides cognitive and spatial skills that close the considerable gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math (“STEM”) education and careers.

Researchers have proven that one of the reasons why boys and girls develop different levels of the mathematics skills critical to STEM learning and have different levels of anxiety related to STEM subjects is because they are not offered and provided the same extracurricular activities opportunities – including chess — outside school. Girls are more likely to show an interest and focus on developing chess skills if they are part of a larger group of girls who share that common interest.  Chess Girls DC is unique in that it is the only organization in the metropolitan DC area that creates an environment where girls can develop STEM skills. Chess Girls DC teachers and reinforce chess skills to its participants via several programs:

  • Offering year-round classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students taught by experienced chess professionals;
  • Organizing field trips to local tournaments;
  • Sponsoring girls in national tournaments;
  • Coaching girls as groups or individually at tour;
  • Providing books that encourage chess literacy;
  • Providing membership to ChessKids.com where participants can reinforce their lessons via videos and puzzles and play others online; and
  • Hosting guest speakers who share their leadership path and the skills and lessons learned along the way.

Summer Chess Lab

  • The summer Chess Lab will be held at Catholic University, the home of Chess Girls DC. We will be conducting an unrated coed tournament consisting of 5 rounds over a period of 5 weeks. The Chess Lab will start at 3pm to 430, Saturday July 8, 2017. It will consist of a mini chess lesson themed around a challenging chess puzzle. The students will solve a chess puzzle and submit it with an opportunity to win a prize at the end of the 5 weeks. After the student completes his tournament game she/ he will have an opportunity to have her/his game analyzed.The fee for the 5 weeks is $50.00.  It is a coed event. The winner will win a trophy and a 50.00 gift card.  Top 5 in each section will win trophies. The sections are High school, Middle school and Elementary school. If you miss a Saturday it will be considered a Bye. It must be scheduled in advance or it will be considered a loss.



  • Learning how pieces move and capture and the relative value of pieces
  • Learning special rules such as castling, draws and stalemate
  • Understanding basic rules of proper development
  • Understanding basic elements of chess notation


  • Continuing the practice of chess notation
  • Planning checkmate and material advantage
  • Opening traps
  • Understanding basics of tactics and endgames


  • Notating without looking at coordinates on the chess board
  • Visualizing the chess board without looking at the board
  • Deepening focus on tactics and endgame strategies
  • Analyzing the games of grandmasters
  • Refining tournament skills