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13230192_10208363272818342_6909692406439999693_nWelcome to Chess Girls DC

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Register for Fall Chess Girls DC program September  2018. Time: 3pm until 430pm.

Classes are conducted at Catholic University in McGivney Hall on the lower level.Catholic University is located at

620 Michigan Ave., N.E. Washington, DC 20064

The subway station is CUA/ Brookland metro

Adults must accompany students during the entire session. Chess class is designed for mature 6 year old girls up to 12th grade.

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“The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them.”

Quoted from Ellen Johnson, Nobel Prize winner

Opening of the Queen of Katwe movie.

We apologize for any inconvenience regarding details as we  prepare to launch our new website.

Please contact Robin Ramson directly at

About Chess Girls DC

The mission of Chess Girls DC is to build the confidence of girls by teaching chess education to girls who have never played chess and supporting girls who currently play with activities that build confidence and improve STEM learning. With the intense level of destructive marketing which our girls are face with on a daily basis.The learning and the practice of chess is the most effective way to train our young girls to process information that will be presented throughout life, defending her position in the board room or defending a thesis. Chess strategies can be aligned with every aspect of education from math to reading or STEM education to economics.

Our curriculum is designed to increase the participation of girls as well as allow easy adjustment for students at a variety of skill levels.

The purpose of the lab is to study basic Chess concepts at a deeper level through conversations, guest speakers and  craft activities using MATCH curriculum workbook.  The enrichment activities will give students an opportunity to make ties between chess and other areas of knowledge such as math, history, geography, the arts and science. Students who are currently comfortable in playing chess tournaments will work through Checkmate Ideas for Students by John Bain.  We will attempt to close any learning gaps in basic chess tactics. Students at all levels are welcome to participate in crafts.


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Chess Girls DC is in need of volunteers, teachers and chess coaches for our program. There are many volunteer positions that do not require knowledge of Chess.  Please share with your friends. You may contact Robin at Our fall program will start Saturday, September 16, 2017


 Thank you to our Volunteers
The phenomenal success of Chess Girls DC is a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm our volunteers display on a continual basis.
The leadership team would like to personally thank our guest speakers, parents, teachers and community partners for your recent 2016 contribution of time and gifts in kind to our Saturday afternoon classes. This program would not have been a success without your involvement. Because of your contribution we have been able to provide encouragement, support to our students who desire to compete in chess tournaments, age appropriate chess books, access to online chess education and access to personal coaching.
Our summer chess lab was a resounding success, but we couldn’t have done it without you!
The leadership team of Chess Girls DC would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “Thank You!” to all of our volunteers. The time and effort you have put into Chess Girls DC has been invaluable this year. It is always difficult to find teachers and speakers to encourage our girls and to help out, so a sincere Thank You on behalf of the club for volunteering. We look forward to the success of our summer program because of you.
Robin Ramson,
Executive Director Chess Girls DC


Email contact: for more to register and additional information.

 Our classroom is located on the campus of

Catholic University at  McGivney Hall,l Room 012 on the Lower Level

Saturdays, Begining September 16, 2017

3pm to 430p ending December 16,2017

 Map number D15.

Our building and classroom is handicap accessible

Students in wheelchairs are encouraged to join Chess Girls DC

Classes are Saturdays at 3pm until 430 pm

Robin Ramson | tel: (202)438-6377 | Email:



Chess Girls DC is unique because we understand  how girls think and feel about themselves shapes their behavior in challenging circumstances. First and foremost we recognize every effort a girl puts forth in the pursuit of learning chess. Studies show that scientifically, confidence in one’s abilities has a significant impact on learning and performance on many levels. Self-belief about one’s ability determines how students motivate themselves and persevere in the face of difficulties and career choices. We are in alliance with the chess communities in Washington, DC.  Girls who currently enjoy chess in their schools, libraries, churches or other venues are welcome to join our club for additional enrichment. Chess Girls DC is under the academic direction of Mr.Quito Swan, Ph.D. Chess Girls DC is an affiliate of the United States Chess Federation.

Chess Girls DC is  a 501 (c) (3) organization.


Volunteers,Community and Parent involvement is essential for Chess Girls DC to provide the best possible program. With the goal of improving the organization, parent volunteers are essential to supporting the efforts of the volunteer staff, mentors, presenters and coaches. The parent committee provides additional assistance with fund raising, recreation activities, field trips, snacks and recruiting additional resources.

We are in need of volunteers in all areas  and  Chess Coaches3dchess club meeting 003
Our unique organization desires to have 1:4 ratio to coach our beginning students. Our Chess Coaches volunteer twice a month. Please contact us if you are able to donate your time to coach.

Wish List
Chess Girls DC is so grateful for the community support we receive. Please visit our wish list  to support Chess Girls DC in whole or in part.


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logo1Education is not the learning of facts. It is the training of the mind to think. 

-Einstein 1921-  


The Chess Girls DC Logos are the property of Chess Girls DC LLC non profit organization and may not be copied or used in any way without written permission from Chess Girls DC LLC

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